The recent acquisition of Tala lends proof to the credit-led approach of the company, which boasts a 92% loan repayment rate and claims to give its customers credit within 10 minutes. The company is in the process of transitioning into a broader range of financial services, including digital banking and lending products. In this article, Siroya explores the predictive elements of Tala’s lending approach. Its business model is based on a combination of behavioral and merchant data, allowing it to make predictions about its customers’ repayment histories.

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Besides its low interest rates, Tala loans also provide convenient and safe solutions to financial problems. The organization offers loans on advantageous terms, which is ideal for those in need of cash urgently. It is a modern addition to the Philippine financial market, and it has quickly gained a reputation as a great alternative to traditional banks. Tala loans do not require collateral, warranties, or credit checks. The application process is simple, and the company grants bonuses to frequent customers.

Unlike traditional banks, Tala offers loans to people with poor credit histories. It uses a smartphone app to collect data and generate a digital credit history for each user. The digital credit history serves the same purpose as a traditional credit history, while creating a unique financial profile for each individual. The company currently serves India, the Philippines, Tanzania, and Kenya. You can learn more about Tala by visiting or download the app today.