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Typically, funds are available in 6-12 weeks

  • If you are
  • over 55
  • own your property,
  • With a value of at least £70,000

You can release equity from your home without the expense of having to move.

You can use the money in a way which suits you such as:

  • To pay off your existing mortgage
  • To make home or garden improvements
  • To gift your family a living inheritance
  • To go on a holiday
  • To treat family or friends or to simply top up your bank and make your retirement much more comfortable

Why choose Clear Planning?

  • FREE no-obligation consultation
  • We offer a personal no sale-no fee advice service
  • We research and compare the whole of market
  • We offer specialist advice
  • We have access to the most competative rates on the market
  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

A lifetime mortgage allows you to release equity whilst retaining 100% ownership of your own home.

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Benefits of Equity Release

The majority of equity release plans now feature much more flexibility than in the past

  • Receive a lump sum of tax-free money

  • You can continue to live in your own home

  • Protect a percentage of your property value for your family and loved ones

  • The option to have no monthly repayments

  • You can make repayments if you wish to

  • You can add a cash reserve facility for the future

  • You can maintain ownership of your home

  • Spend the cash as and when you wish

  • You have the ability to move home in the future

  • No ‘negative-equity’ guarantee

  • You can fix Low rates for life

  • High cash release available

  • Have the ability to repay your standard mortgage

Benefit from the price increase of your property in the future
If you take out the most popular type of equity release; a lifetime mortgage, you could benefit from any future price increase on your property. The good news here is you might be able to release more cash from your home in the future if you wish to do so.

Never pass debt on to your loved ones
Some plans have guarantees to ensure that you can never pass on debt, or ‘negative equity’, within in your estate.

You can move home in the future
It is possible, if you wish, to move home in the future. It’s a rule of the Equity Release Council that a lifetime mortgage can be transferred over to another property. Of course, the new property must be acceptable to the lender at the time of looking to transfer the lifetime mortgage, and they may require for part of the loan to be repaid if you are downsizing to a property of a lower value, without any early repayment charges.

There is no requirement to meet monthly repayments
Regular payments aren’t required with a Lifetime mortgage. Instead, a fixed or variable interest rate can be rolled-up against the loan so that during your lifetime you have nothing to pay. Then when you move into long-term care or pass away, the house is then sold – and the loan (including the interest) is paid off and the remaining money is then passed on to your estate.

You only continue to own your own home with a Lifetime Mortgage

Why has equity release become so popular?

There has been significant growth in the equity release market over the last few years and this in turn has made conditions very favourable for people looking to release equity from their home. 


New product features are constantly emerging which allows for customers to release larger amounts of tax-free cash from their homes, thus, giving homeowners aged 55 and above the opportunity to achieve their objectives.